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    Has anyone successfully utilized the cameras built into to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 or SurfaceBook


      There are depth/IR cameras built into the Microsoft SurfaceBook and Surface Pro 4.  Are they intel cameras?  Can I interface with them using the Intel RealSense SDK?

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          Hello gohorns79,

          Thank you for interest in the Intel® RealSense™ Technology.

          I found that not all models of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have a RealSense integrated camera. The way most customers check this kind of feature is looking at the Device Manager and search for Intel(R) RealSense(TM) 3D Camera under Imaging devices. If that is the case, then you can install the DCM to use the corresponding applications.

          Also, in Microsoft’s store (https://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/productID.5072641000) I couldn’t find any reference to RealSense, which makes me believe that, currently, they may be using another camera for this two products.

          Regarding the RealSense SDK, I found an old thread (https://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/realsense/topic/624882) with the following statement (an answer from Microsoft, 04/18/2016):

          Please be advised that the Intel Realsense SDK is not yet compatible with our Device Surface Pro 4. I have checked and tested it on my end.

          We do apologize for the inconvenience. I sent an email to our Development Team regarding the software Realsense SDK software.

          Again I am sorry to inform you that the software is not compatible with our Device yet.

          It seems that the Microsoft technical support team (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contactus/) may have an answer to your inquiry, since they are the ones integrating the camera to their products.

          Please keep in mind that the previous statement is related to the integrated camera, since some customers have used the SDK with a peripheral RealSense camera connected, via USB, to their Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

          Please let me know if you find the previous information useful.

          If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

          Andres V.