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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 lagging on Black Ops 2 on Windows 10 only, what can I do to fix this?


      After upgrade to windows 10(clean install) and installed the latest drivers on my notebook Alienware M14x R2, I can't play Black Ops 2, because it's lagging and I see a division on my screen on game.

      My fps on Windows 8.1 was 120-160 on Windows 10 it's just 60 with lag.

      What can I do to fix this?

      I tried a lot of things, search on intel community and found nothing!


      Mensagem editada por: Ricardo Binda Rigo I tried record, but not appears and if I put on window mode the lag disappear and show 160 fps, if a put again on full screen he comes back to 60 fps.