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    Cloning an SSD with both system and cache volumes (Raid 0) to a New Single SSD


      My current set up:

      Physical Disk 1 (64GB MSATA SSD on SATA Port 1) set as RAID 0: Volume 0 is my C: boot/OS drive with Windows 10 system (32GB), and Volume 1 is my RST cache (32GB), which accelerates my 1TB HD

      Physical Disk 2 (1TB Hard Drive on SATA Port 2) set as single drive D:, accelerated by RST as shown below:



      My Goal:

      I am adding a new Physical Disk 3 (Samsung 850 EVO 120GB SSD), installed on Sata Port 0, and which will become my boot/Windows 10 drive.   I wish to clone the boot volume (vol 0) of my MSATA to the new SSD.  Once I can reliably boot from the new drive, I will reconfigure the MSATA drive to use all 64GB to cache the 1TB HDD.


      The Samsung Data Migration software failed to clone the C, but I completed the cloning procedure successfully using Macrium Reflect.  However, the new drive shows up as Drive J: in disk manager and does not show as a boot drive.


      I suspect the problem may be that the current MSATA SSD boot drive is configured as Raid 0, and the new 120 SSD is configured as a single drive, but I am now out of my depth.  Can someone please advise what I will need to do to clone and boot the new SSD?  If this is not possible, I can reinstall Windows 10, but I would like to avoid that if possible.


      Thanks!  Here is a screenshot of my Disk Management console.