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    HD graphics 3000 under windows 10 driver issue HELP!




      With my Dell inspiron i have an integrated Intel graphic card hd 3000 (2ed generation if I'm not mistaken)
      Ewerything was alright after an upgrade to windows 10 but all of a sudden my second graphic card stopped to be seen by my only installed game. So i tryed to do something with the drivers and now I am unable to instal proppers Intel card drivers.
      I have tryed all matching latest and older drivers from this website and found a clue to use Windows update.
      All for nothing. All I get is 1042x768 desktop display and card instead of beeing called Intell HD Graphics 3000
      is beeing called  standart VGA support card  - (I use polish language in Windows so I could have translated it faulty).


      Whatever i try i fail.


      The other card is Nvidia GeFource GT 525M, and it looks alright except it dont work without propper drivers for Inetl's card - it looks that way. I may be mistaken. PLEASE help anyone! I am stuck!





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