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    NUC 6i5SYK Bluetooth problem




      I just want to share my experiences with a bluetooth problem experienced with my NUC 6i5SYK.


      My setup is:

      -NUC 6i5SYK

      -Ubuntu 16.10

      -Logitech K780 Keyboard - connected via Bluetooth

      -Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Mouse - connected via Bluetooth


      Problem description:

      Connection via NUC build-in Bluetooth to keyboard & mouse established - but connection VERY unstable.


      I experienced 2 types of issues.


      Issue #1:

      Sometimes it was impossible to make any connection to the NUC bluetooth on power up.

      I managed to find a work around. You have to, physical, remove the power plug from the NUC when it is powered off and then just reinsert it again (I know it sound weird - but it always solved the issue.).

      Final solution was to replace the power supply with a new one - received from Intel support.

      Now this problem is solved


      Issue #2:

      The connection between NUC and the keyboard/mouse was very unstable. The result was that I VERY often lost the bluetooth connection and had to wait 10-20 sec. before the keyboard and/or mouse was reconnected.

      I have tried almost everything to get things working. Updated BIOS, contacted Intel support, got my NUC swapped to a new one, disabled power savings in the BIOS - you name it.

      Intel support gave up - so I was close to return to my good old USB keyboard and mouse.

      But then I gave it a last try - and it worked - I disabled the build-in NUC bluetooth support and added a cheap 1 dollar USB bluetooth stick - and now, after 3-4 month struggling, everything works as expected


      I have informed Intel about the problem and the solution. But they seem not to be interested - a least I haven't heard from them yet.

      So, if you experiences any bluetooth problems - disable the build-in NUC bluetooth and add a USB bluetooth stick.


      Best regards


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello :
          Thank you very much for the comments and suggestions posted previously, we really appreciate you took the time to share this information in our communities.
          All the feedback and workarounds from the peers in our Intel communities are very important to us, I am sure that this information will be really helpful and useful for all the people viewing this thread, and we will also take it under consideration when facing Bluetooth issues.
          Thank you once again for the suggestions.
          Any further questions, please let me know.