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    how does windows identify the display number for multiple display monitors?




      at present, I connected FOUR external display monitors, through DDIB, DDIC, DDID and DDIE port. however, through OS's display control panel, I found the display order is display 1(DDIB), 2(DDIE), 3(DDIC), 4(DDID), I assumed it was 1(DDIB), 2(DDIC), 3(DDID), 4(DDIE). so it's confused.


      hence, might you please show me how the OS identify the number or order for multiple display monitors? for example, it used the information AUX channel, or something in BIOS, or it just sorted at random, or there is some algorithm in VBios or GOP to detect how many display monitors connected, and how to sort them?




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