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    Intel AC 8265: Booting from Linux to Windows results in non-functional Bluetooth


      When booting Linux, the Linux drivers upload firmware build 103 to the Bluetooth part of my Intel AC 8265 wireless adapter. Build 103 seems to be the latest one available to Linux users:


      Then, when rebooting the into Windows, the Windows driver doesn't work. In the device manager, the Intel Bluetooth device is marked with a yellow triangle and STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE is shown as an error message when checking the properties of the device.


      When booting to Windows first, a subsequent reboot to Linux reports that the firmware of the Bluetooth adapter is build 107. My best guess here is that the Windows driver won't accept build 103 and thus refuses to work with it. It seems like the Windows driver does not or cannot upgrade the device firmware to build 107 if build 103 has already been uploaded. Ideally it would simply reset the device and upload whatever firmware it comes with.


      Is this a known issue?

      How can this issue be resolved?

      How is the Windows driver supposed to behave in a dual boot environment?

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