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    Long-Term availability - How long will the Edison be supported by Intel?




      I would like to know more about how Intel sees the Intel Edison in terms of long-term availability and how long it will be officially supported by Intel. Reason for this is that my company is having a customer for which we build a hard- and software solution for retrofitting his existing consumer devices. Those retrofits are all based on Intel Edison. The OS is the great ResinOS with build in deployment based on docker.


      We have made quite a few tests with other IoT boards but from all those other boards the Edison really stands out - mostly because of its small form-factor and the fact that it comes with plenty of RAM and flash memory.


      Since we are moving closer to production we would like to close test now - the Edison is sill our number one choice for production be we are still a bit afraid that Intel will stop supporting it and that the Edison is a product which has come to its EOL-phase.


      So maybe someone at Intel just can give me some Info on long-term support!? Is it a good choice to use Edison for production or is the Edison moving towards "End-of-Life" phase?


      Also are there any people / companies here in the forum that use the Edison in production / commercial products? I would really like to know more about that!


      Any help, feedback is greatly appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,



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