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    Is it safe to do undervolting on the i7-6700 HQ CPU,with the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility or ThrottleStop,and which value is the best?


      Hi dear comunity,


      I have a Lenovo-Y700 laptop with i7-6700 HQ CPU,16 GB of DDR4 RAM and Nvidia GTX 960M 4 GB of GDDR5.


      While playing games like GTA V,for a short period of time the (4-5 minutes) CPU starts to overheat and thermal throttling(with temps up to 84 degrees Celsius),

      so I was wondering if this issue could be fixed with undervolting  of the i7-6700 HQ with the EXtreme Tuning Utility , and disabling the Intel Turbo Boost.


      I have already set the maximum processor state in Power Options in Control Panel (Win 10 OS 64 bit) , to 99 % both for plugged -in and on battery.


      So please tell me what should I do!

      Should I disable the Turbo Boost  and undervolt the CPU via the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility,and which value is the best for it?


      Or I should done everything via ThrottleStop?


      Please tell me!


      Thanks to all in advance!

      Best regards!