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    SSD-cache (SRT) won't work with big GPT hard drives (HDD), Workaround




      I have Z77 chipset in raid mode, Intel Rapid Technology installed but I cannot activate SSD caching for large 8TB hard drive.


      Cache SSD: Intel 60GB 520 Series SSD @ 6Gbps Z77 port 0

      OS SSD: Intel 180GB 530 Series SSD @ 6Gpbs Z77 port 1

      HDD: Seagate 320GB drive @ 3Gbps Z77 port 2

      HDD: Seagate 8000GB drive @ 3Gbps Z77 port 3



      Smart Response says it is activating caching for HDD but returns to accelerate tab without showing drive is being cached.

      If I try with my very old 320GB drive then you can boost it and ssd cache activates on it and returns to accelerate tab showing it is accelerated.


      Not any documentation state there is a HDD size limit or drive is the drive GPT or not.



      So any magic cmd line tricks to get it work?



      Quick computer stats:

      - Intel Core i7 2600k

      - Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe

      - Seagate 8000GB Archive

      - Seagate 320GB Barracuda

      - Intel 60GB 520 Series

      - Windows 7 64bit

      - Intel Rapid Storage version


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