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    How to setup RAID on RMS3VC160 in Server R2224WTTYSR-not seeing drives!


      We are new to Intel Servers, previously having HP Servers and I am finding the intel server not nearly as intuitive as the HP when it comes to setting up a RAID option.  I have set up our server by plugging in the 14 drives through the 4 cables connected to the RMS3VC160 RAID controller.  The two cables plugged into the embedded SAS and sSAS ports on the motherboard do not go back to any drives.  Those drive bays are empty.  But now my question is how to actually configure the RAID?  Now because i'm not plugged into the embedded ports any longer, I get the message in boot up that say "No Hard Disks found.  Intel (R) Embedded Server RAID 2 can not be configured".  In the BIOS I have changed the setting under Mass Storage Devices from AHIC to RAID but it appears that this change would only apply if I was using the embedded ports?  Any help on how to find a screen where I can set up  my 14 drives to RAID 10 would be much appreciated.  Thanks!