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    Intel 5500 Graphic Driver Issue.


      I have been having a really strange issue with a 5500 HD Graphics on a i5 6200u. When windows 10 boots up everything is fine until I reach the log in screen. At that point everything goes to scrambled. I restarted and used safe mode. I uninstalled the driver. I also told windows not to reinstall drivers. I then restarted the laptop. The scrambled screen went away at this point.


      Next I tried to install the driver from lenovo (I have a lenovo ideapad 100) as soon as the driver installed the screen scramble came back. I then went back to safe mode, uninstalled the driver, then restarted. Again, the scrambled screen went away. So this time I tried installing the driver from Intel. As soon as the driver installed the screen scrambled. I went back to safe mode, uninstalled the driver, and rebooted. As long as I don't install a driver the scramble seems to stay away.


      I also like to run a dual boot for linux. So I started to install ubuntu and shockingly the screen scrambled once I got to the install screen on ubuntu.


      Also, I would like to mention that I did update the BIOS to the latest version from lenovo. I did this after the second time I had the screen issue on windows.


      The screen shot below shows a very mild case of the screen issue. It got much worse after i took this.

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          I also forgot to add that I ran the Intel processor diagnostic tool and it said the graphics were functioning properly. I then tried and external monitor while the laptop monitor was scrambled. The external monitor showed the same scrambled image.

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi DBFreem,

            I understand the video screen does not seem to function properly. That is unfortunate.
            After connecting an external monitor and installing a different operating system and the problem still persist, this definitely seems to be a hardware problem.
            Does this issue still happen when you test one memory stick at a time?
            If the problem continues, please check with Lenovo for warranty options