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    Could this be my processor??


      Hello i have recently built a brand new system using a coolermaster 1000w modular psu, a dx58so motherboard, intel core i7 920 processor, corsair dominator ram 8gb, 1x 500gb seagate harddrive, 1x 200gb maxtor harddrive, 2x ati 3850hd graphics cards and a sony dual layer sata dvd-rw. I have everything installed in a lian-li pc-a05 case. When i plug everything in double checked all the connections are secure everything just flashes (inc fans and other led's on motherboard) on for a split second then it wont turn on again, unless i hold the power button in release and then press it again, but it just does the same thing flashes on. I have tried 1 psu, then brought another brand new and done exactly the same thing.


      What could this be i am completely baffled, please help?


      Thanks Rob.