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    Re: VLAN adapter not working after reboot - Win10, 22.0.1


      Hi all,


      Same problem here.


      One tagged VLAN (6) and untagged VLAN. After every reboot the untagged VLAN doesn't work until I disable and re-enable the Untagged VLAN virtual adapter. The VLAN6 doesn't present this problem and can ping other hosts in the same VLAN.

      NIC is connected to a Cisco switch with the following config:


      nwcore2#sh run | s 2/0/39

      interface GigabitEthernet2/0/39

      description AURELIO (0B39D)

      switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,6

      switchport mode trunk

      spanning-tree portfast trunk

      spanning-tree bpduguard enable



      Let me know if you need any information to try to detect the issue. As ziesemer I have no dump as the system doesn't crash.


      Best regards

      Aurelio Llorente