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    Correctable ECC. CPU: 1, DIMM: B1. - Asserted


      Our customer reported they have deployed several R1000 servers for broadcast service, they said the issue was occurred one time on 3 servers, this error was being asserted during 3 months from at that time. Can you please let me know if it's the DDR memory issue or do we need to RMA it? Thanks


      1. Error: occurred "Correctable ECC. CPU: 1, DIMM: B1. - Asserted"   > - D2E Server S/N: FGBU5455101

      2. Error: occurred "Correctable ECC. CPU :2, DIMM: E1. - Asserted"    > - D2E Server S/N: FGBU5455065

      3. Error: occurred "Correctable ECC. CPU: 2, DIMM: F1. - Asserted"    > - D2E Server S/N: FGBU5455083