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    Chipset Drivers dont install NUC6i5SYH Windows 10 Pro


      I have a small irritating issue where my Microsoft Wireless Mouse and Keyboard keep loosing motion even when only half a meter away from the wireless receiver connected to the Nuc.


      At first we thought it was the batteries etc etc ,client eventually went and bought a new Microsoft Wireless Keyboard & mouse and still had the same problem. Keyboard and mouse works fine on a different pc and one can actually walk to the other side of the office (about 5m away) and it works perfectly. Also tried switching to different usb ports etc still had the same issue.


      After doing some troubleshooting I eventually found the following:


      - The Chipset drivers are not installed under programs & features

      - Downloaded the latest Chipset drivers from Intel's site and manually installed, and it says it installed successfully , however after restart the Chipset drivers still not listed under programs and features.

      - Also noticed in Device Manager under usb devices its using the Microsoft Generic usb drivers even after above procedure

      - Downloaded the Intel update utility , it shows the chipset drivers need to be downloaded and installed but afterwards says "failed"


      The Chipset drivers are mission critical I need to try get them installed somehow. Also tried using the silent and overall parameter but no luck


      Model: NUC6i5SYH

      Serial Number: G6SY63800180 SA H87090-505

      Other Number: F44D30644D04

      Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit