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    NUC Drivers - How do YOU find them?




      During my recent post about an issue, it was commented by someone that I was using an 'old' graphics driver.  I wanted to spin up a quick discussion about this because it seems unclear to me how folks are supposed to be keeping their systems up to date.


      If you go to the Intel Downloads page, and search for 'NUC6i7KYK', you get a list of a mix of drivers and items relating to the NUC system.  Scanning down the list, you'll see:


      Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7*, 8.1*, and Windows® 10 for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK

      Installs the Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK...


      This is why I claimed I was using the latest driver.  It's the latest one that shows up via this search method.  I do understand that if I search for 'Graphics', I see many, many entries, including:


      Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows* [15.45]

      Installs the Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows*.


      So, are we supposed to search for the type of system we have to find the drivers, or are we supposed to search each subsystem, one at a time, to ensure we have the latest driver for each subsystem?  Why does Intel post drivers with no system type identified, and then come back and post drivers again saying they are 'for Intel NUC Kit NUCxxxyyy'?  Am I supposed to trust and use drivers that do not specifically identify that they are for my NUC?


      I can say that in most support/download systems on the Internet, you are first asked to identify your hardware before they present you with a list of download choices.  Intel's site seems to just toss everything into one big list, which you then have to search within.  And searching by system name/type doesn't seem to give you the best/latest driver.



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          Also, I just tried the Intel Driver Update Utility and it doesn't seem to be the answer.  When I install and run it, it is actually attempting to downgrade my Graphics Driver from 4590 back to 4542 "because that's the latest one for my system."  No doubt it is doing the same with other subsystems where I am currently using newer drivers that have not been identified for specific use on my NUC (Wireless, Ethernet, etc.).



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            My personal opinion: The intel Driver Update Utility is useless; too buggy to trust...


            The drivers that are posted on the download page for a particular NUC are those that have gone through a full and formal validation on the NUC. The (later version) drivers obtained elsewhere may work just fine, but they have not yet gone through the same level of validation (testing) with the NUC. You should only try using these newer versions if the Intel Customer Support folks are recommending that you do so (presumably for some particular issue).


            Hope that covers the distinction,


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              Hello all,


              JamesU, Scott is right. When you find a Intel® site with drivers for an Intel® NUC all of the downloads available in that link are intended to work for that product specifically. The graphics controller included in these processors are also included in other products that are not Intel® NUC; therefore, you find a category for Intel® NUC's and category for graphics. To ensure compatibility, is recommended to use the drivers that are specify for the product, so in this case these drivers; Downloads for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i7KYK.




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                JamesU, hope the information posted above helped to clarify this matter.


                If you need further assistance let us know.