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    Problem fixing a bricked Galileo Gen2 using Galiprog


      Hello, everyone.


      I am trying to fix my Galileo board gen 2 using Galiprog. I am using Galiprog because conventional method of restoring Galileo using USB stick with FVMAIN.fv file and putting Galileo in Force recovery mode failed. I don't have JTAG programmer. I followed instructions posted in the GitHub repository. The only difference is I was using two Galileos gen 2 as oppose to the instructions where Galileos are of different generations. On the board, I loaded a file saved in the repository. I renamed it from "Flash-missingPDAT_Release-1.0.4.bin" to "galiprog_flash_write.bin". I successfully loaded the file on the board and also verified the flash as instructions specified.


      When I power on the board I get the following screen:



      If I press 5 or any other key except for "enter", the board freezes and nothing happens. I waited for three hours to see if anything happens, I put the board in Force recovery, and I loaded the file again. Unfortunately, I had no success. Does anyone know what else I could do? Instructions for the Galiprog end after the flash is loaded with ".bin" file.


      Please find attached flash dump file, before I reflash the board and the file I loaded onto flash.


      Kind regards