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    3D Scanning objects using R200




      It seemed like SDK 2016 R3 was less supportive of R200. It says SDK 2016 R3 3D scanning should only work for F200 and SR300, and I wasn't getting any results using R200, so I installed R2 version instead.

      I can't really seem to find documentations on how to perform 3d scanning with R200 though.

      I've tried some software listed on Intel site (Cappasity & itSeez3d), but they only seemed to support human bust/body scanning.

      3D scan was listed as available options when I installed the SDK, but I only see these subfolders in RSSDK directory: core, cursor_data, face, hand_data, person_tracking, and touchlesscontroller_data

      I tried downloading Tutorial_VisualStudioProjectSolution but 3D scan wasn't in there either.

      Also tried looking on this forum without much luck. full sample code for 3DScan in C# Didn't seem to apply to R2. I honestly can't find SDK integration property sheets anywhere to use for Visual Studio project.


      So here are my questions questions:

      1) Is there a sample browser available for SDK 2016 R2 version?

      2) If not, where could I get detailed descriptions to test R200 for its 3D scanning abilities?

      I wanted to follow this (Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R2 Documentation) but $(RSSDK_DIR)/framework/CSharp/DF_3DScan.cs. doesn't exist for me.


      Thank you!

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          Support for the R200 camera in the RealSense SDK ended after '2016 R2', though continues in the open-source version of the SDK, Librealsense.  So if you have an R200 and have 2016 R3 installed, you should please uninstall R3 and install the R2 version.  You can do so with this direct link.




          With R2, you download the entire SDK as one program instead of installing individual modules like with R3.  When you install it, the Sample Browser application will be placed on your desktop in a folder called 'Intel RealSense SDK Gold'.


          Another option for you to try regarding scanning the head with the R200 is Facerig, or its free version made specially for RealSense called IRFacerig.


          Facerig: https://facerig.com/

          IRFacerig: https://facerig.com/irfacerig/

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            It seems like IRFacerig only works for F200, as I keep on getting the following error message when I try to install: Intel RealSense Depth Cam Manager version is below the supported 1.4

            I guess 3D scanning isn't available in the Sample Browser, but I'll see what I can do with the framework already provided. Thank you!

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              IRFacerig clams to work with all the cameras. It had some trouble with the SR300 in 2016 but they updated it.




              IRFacerig is supposed to work on R200, but Facerig is only for F200 and SR300.  So please make sure you are using IRFacerig.  Apologies for that - I should have checked that one better before suggesting Facerig when you have an R200


              Curiously, I couldn't get 3D Scan to appear in the Sample Browser lists either.  But you can make it appear if you type '3dscan' (with no space between 3d and scan) into the search box in the Sample Browser.

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                I did try IRFacerig but it didn't work. 

                ReconstructMe also seems like a nice software, although I haven't been able to test it out because my laptop lacks a graphics card: http://reconstructme.net/

                Thank you for your help!

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                  You're very welcome! 


                  If you need face scanning for the R200, Uraniom may be another option that I have suggested to others with an R200 in the past..


                  Uraniom - Universal 3D avatar for VR/AR apps and video games


                  Here's a link to its entry in the Intel app showcase to confirm it works with R200.


                  Uraniom - Intel RealSense

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                    I'm more interested in trying R200 out as a 3D scanner to scan objects rather than human busts / body.

                    It seems like the 3d scanning offered with the Intel SDK is very premature. I just couldn't 3D scan a part as it kept on showing that part was "out of range."

                    Even when it did recognize a part, I couldn't get a good scan. When I went around the part multiple times or very slowly to capture more segments, it failed because the image no longer was oriented correctly.

                    I tried clean background, enough light indoors, different parts that are not shiny nor transparent, etc..

                    It seemed like Cappasity can do object scanning on YouTube, but I didn't see the option in their free software.

                    I'll look more into using librealsense and OpenCV. If you have any additional suggestions, please let me know. Thanks again!