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    RS300 scan3D for area "face" is not supported



      I've just purchased the new RS300 camera.

      I'm using Microsoft Surface Win 10 with processor i7-6650U 2.2GHz


      I installed driver intel_rs_dcm_sr300_3.3.27.5718, and sdk's:





      When running Intel RealSense SDK Sample Browser, I get only c# application for 3D scan (in some video tutorials I saw there's a c++ example as well, but I dont get it).

      Then, from the "Scanning Area" drop-down menu I choose "Face" and press the "Start Camera" button and I get "Configuration not supported".

      Is that an expected behavior? Does it mean I can't scan3D faces?


      In addition, I tried a different "Scanning area", Head, and the results were extremely bad even though I quite sure I followed the right steps (based on several tutorial videos I saw which demonstrated a much higher res and higher quality 3D output).


      Any suggestions?

      Based on tutorials I've read and saw, I expected the results to be much better, but unfortunately I fail to produce something that is even close to "good" 3D object.




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