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    5 GHz AP with hostapd and flexible regulatory domain



      After being able to build the standard Yocto Image (iot-devkit-yp-poky-edison-20160606) including crda, python-m2crypto, and iw package, I will create an 5 GHz AP using hostapd.

      I use hostapd with 2.4 GHz and it works fine for me.


      I created the following file in /etc/udev/rules.d/regulatory.rules

      KERNEL=="regulatory*", ACTION=="change", SUBSYSTEM=="platform", RUN+="/usr/sbin/crda"


      I can not set the regulatory domain with hostapd. So 5 GHz is not working in AP mode. I also can not set the reg domain with crda using echo COUNTRY=DE.


      I can use iw to set the reg domain. It seems that this is not working correct because the domain is not set when reading the domain with crda. After a restart it is also not set in iw.



      It looks that I have the same problem like mhahn seen in the thread how to use crda on Edison to set country?. Could you solve that issue?