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    DP35DP and Q9650 BIOS incompatibility issue?


      I have a DP35DP motherboard with 572 BIOS.  I just changed the CPU from Q6600 to Q9650 and now the CPU fan runs at full speed continuously and the system will not restart unless it is powered down and cold started.  Also, Window is not correctly recognizing the CPU.  It shows it as a Xeon III.  Otherwise it seems to run fine.


      I have read here that many other people are having the same related issues.  It seems like a possible solution is to downgrade the BIOS.  I have tried a few things and it fails the downgrade.  I've tried the .BIO copied to a USB drive.  I remove the BIOS jumper, reboot and nothing happened.  Just a black screen.  I've also tried the .BIO copied to a CR-ROM.  I remove the BIOS jumper, reboot and nothing happened.  Just a black screen.  I've tried the .ISO bootable CD.  It started to flash the BIOS but then it failed and rebooted without downgrading. 


      Does anyone know the ultimate fix for this incompatibility issue?  If not, do you at least know how to get this BIOS downgraded?  Also, will a CMOS reset possibly fix the issue and allow 572 BIOS to work properly with Q9650? 


      Thank you.

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          Your problem is not seems to be related with incompatibility since the Intel(R) Desktop Board DP35DP does support the Intel® Core™2 Quad Desktop Processor Q9650 as you can confirm on the following URL :




          In regards your problem with your processor I do recommend you to download and the install the Intel(R) processor Identification utility, you can download this application at the following URL: http://www.intel.com/support/processors/tools/piu/

          If the Intel(R) processor Identification is reporting the correct processor speed and model, the problem most likely related with the operating system, so I recommend to back up your information and then reinstall the operating system.


          Also check on the system BIOS if the desktop board is reporting the correct processor information, if does we can confirm that the problem is related with Windows* not with the desktop board.


          I hope this information helps.



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            The issue is not with the operating system.  The issues I described here are present even before the OS runs.  The issue is the CPU fan is running full speed continuously and the system will not restart unless powered down.  The issue with the processor being reported incorrectly is just a side affect of these issues.  I will also stress the point again that many people here have reported having the same problems.


            When putting the original Q6600 CPU back in, everything is back to normal.  Put the Q9650 in and everything goes crazy.  Obviously it is NOT compatible as incorrectly reported by Intel's compatibility list.  Yes, the CPU is reporting correctly in the BIOS setup screens, but that does not mean anything.


            There is something we are missing here that will make this work correctly.  Why does the CPU fan speed run at full speed even when this new Q9650 CPU has much less power dissipation that my original Q6600 and with the same CPU cooler?  Something with the closed-loop control is not working.  No fan settings make it any better.


            My original question was how to get this BIOS to downgrade.  It seems like no matter which path I choose to downgrade the BIOS, something fails.  I've even tried doing it with the old Q6600 CPU and it still won't downgrade.  I might add here again that many other people have also reported the same issues of not being able to downgrade, though, I cannot see any clear resolution in the other threads. 


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              The Windows version of the Intel Processor ID program does not recognize the CPU.  It says that the CPU was released after the ID program was updated.  I downloaded V4.21 the latest of the ID program.  Strange.

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                Okay, here is the latest after many wasted hours of trying everything.


                I was able to get the BIOS downgraded from 572 to 484 by using a plain CD with just the DP0484P.BIO file on it using the Recovery Method.  I had to do the following before it worked:


                1. I re-installed the original Q6600 processor.

                2. I unplugged all USB peripherals.  Monitor was left plugged into the DVI connector.

                3. Remove the BIOS jumper totally.

                4. Power up the system and insert the CD into the drive.

                5. The system came up and the monitor showed that the BIOS was flashing without incident.  Success!!

                6. BIOS downgrade was complete!  Jumper reinstalled and system was restarted.

                7. After restart, BIOS shows downgrade to 484.


                Now, I still have the same issues when I re-installed the Q9650 processor.  The CPU fan runs at full speed continuously.  The system will not restart unless powered down and cold started.  The CPU is not correctly being identified by Windows.  I’ve tried different Fan settings in the BIOS, to no avail.


                I'm afraid to try BIOS 497 for fear that I will have the same exact issues.


                So what is the answer Intel?  I have BIOS 484 and according to your compatibility guide, the Q9650 processor is compatible with the DP35DP motherboard with BIOS 484.  It is not!  Is there some errata that explains the exceptions?  Is there any fix?  Is my CPU bad???


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                  ps: i am running Q9650 on the latest bios on the dp35dp

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                    Well mine doesn't work, so perhaps there is something wrong with the CPU.

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                      I have a system that also consists of a Q9650 processor and DP35DP motherboard and I have not seen any compatibility issues with any version of the BIOS. If the CPU fan is running at full speed yet the chassis fans are running at slower speeds, it is likely that Intel(R) QST is having problems obtaining temperature readings from the processor (in the absence of valid readings from the processor, Intel(R) QST will run the processor fan at full speed to protect it from the unknown). If this is the case, in combination with the misidentification of the processor occurring in both the BIOS and the Processor Identification Utility, I would suspect that this processor is not what it is claimed to be. Can you remove the heatsink and collect the etched identification information off the top surface of the processor and search for a match using this information?

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                        This is all good information that some people have the Q9650 CPU working with DP35DP motherboard, but on the other hand, there are some people who have documented that they are still having issues and have had some luck downgrading the BIOS while others have not had any luck with anything at all, as in my case.


                        What are the differences?  As far as I know, the Q9650 comes in two flavors.  One is Halogen free and the other is not.  Are they manufactured at different plants?  I do not know the answer to that question.  The BIOS version does not conclusively seem to help the issue either.  Resetting back to defaults and erasing the CMOS settings does not seem to help.  Finally, the only other difference I can think of is the revision of the DP35DP motherboard.  Perhaps there is a certain rev level of the hardware that is contributing to the issue?

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                          If the BIOS reports the correct processor information, this means that the desktop board is indeed recognizing the processor, in the case that the processor and desktop board are not compatible the system won't post
                          The problem that you are having it seems to be with the operating system not with processor, again, what I recommend you is to back up the information and reinstall the operating system.


                          Now, the reason why the fan is running at full speed all the time might be related with the Intel® QST (Quiet System Technology) this is composed of a Manageability Engine (ME) in the Graphics Memory Controller Hub (GMCH), which executes the Intel® QST algorithm and the ICH8 containing the sensor bus and fan control circuits. The ME provides integrated fan speed control in lieu of the mechanisms available in a stand-alone application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC). The Intel® QST is time based as compared to the linear or state control used by the current generation of devices.


                          What I recommend you is reseat the fan and the processor and also if you have the possibilities test with a different processor fan.

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                            I am also having similar issues with a DG35EC desktop board.  If I use an E6600 or a Q6600, everything works correctly.  If I try to use an E8600 or a Q8400 I get the same symptons described above.  The BIOS correctly identies either processor and so does Windows 7, but if you check on the CPU temperature immediately after boot up inside the BIOS screen's Hardware Management, the CPU temperature is reported at 102 degrees Centigrade.  This temperature is totally incorrect as booting into windows and using any hardware mangement software, the CPU temperature is reported at 102 BUT each core is reported in the 30's.  The same cooler is used in all CPU tests everytime with new thermal pasted added.  This is NOT an OS issue, since both the OS and the BIOS report the correct CPU.  When using the E6600 or the Q6600 the cpu temperature immediately after post is correctly listed in the 30's.  But switch the CPU to the newer 45nm types and you get the 102 reading.  Some intel engineer should actually try it and see that it is an issue.  I am on the latest BIOS and have not tried downgrading.

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                              The CPU is reporting correctly in the BIOS screen.  It is not recognized correctly by Windows XP and it is not recognized by Intel's own processor identifier program running under Windows.


                              The CPU markings are as follows:

                                INTEL (M)(C) '06 Q9650

                                INTEL (R) Core(TM)2 Quad

                                SLB8W MALAY



                              The PCB carrier has silk screening as follows:




                              With respect to the fan speed, I know the CPU is reporting some temperatures and they do change.  I do not remember what the temperatures were on cold start as compared to the Q6600.  It seems to me that there was a big difference in the margin.  I will put this CPU back in the box and compare the temperatures.  Perhaps they are being reported incorrectly and that could explain the high speed fan?


                              I cannot believe this fan speed has anything to do with the OS.  The fan speed is racing in high speed even before the OS has begun to start.  When I have the Q6600 installed, the fan speed is slow right on start up.

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                                I did some closer inspections and have discovered some interesting differences between the Q6600 and the Q9650 CPUs as reported in the BIOS screens upon initial cold boot of the DP35DP motherboard using 484 BIOS.


                                The Q6600 reports as follows:

                                  Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU

                                  Q6600 @ 2.4GHz

                                  Intel(R) EM64T Capable

                                  Processor Speed: 2.40GHz

                                  System Bus Speed: 1066MHz

                                  System Memory Speed: 800MHz


                                  Processor Thermal Margin: 54.00C

                                  Motherboard Temperature: 32.25C

                                  ICH Temperature: 58.62C

                                  MCH Temperature: 66.70C


                                  Fan Speed: 946 RPM


                                The Q9650 reports as follows:

                                  Intel(R) Genuine Processor ß What???

                                                                   ß Where is the Q9650 w/speed???

                                  Intel® EM64T Capable

                                  Processor Speed: 3.00GHz

                                  System Bus Speed: 1333MHz

                                  System Memory Speed: 800MHz


                                  Processor Thermal Margin: 18.00C ß Was 54C w/Q6600???

                                  Motherboard Temperature: 33.96C

                                  ICH Temperature: 58.62C

                                  MCH Temperature: 66.70C


                                  Fan Speed: 2697 RPM ß Running at full speed???


                                It turns out that the 484 BIOS is NOT correctly recognizing the CPU after all.  In addition, the thermal margin is incorrect and that is why the fan is going as full speed.


                                Does anyone have a clue as to why this Q9650 CPU is reporting incorrectly in 484 BIOS and the 572 BIOS.  I have not tried 497 BIOS.  Thanks. 

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                                  The thermal margin is not incorrect, per se, but the processor is definitely running hot. I would speculate that, because the BIOS is not properly recognizing the processor, it may (also) be incorrectly reporting the processor's Tcontrol temperature to Intel(R) QST. Regardless, there is something else going on here. Whether or not the processor is properly recognized by the BIOS, the processor string is fused into the processor, read simply via the CPUID instruction and should be displayed properly by these (runtime) programs. The fact that it isn't is a big clue. I would try a different tool and see what the CPUID instruction is reporting...

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                                    Intel's own CPU Identification tool cannot even read this CPU, so who knows what is going on with it.  Also, the CPU is not running hot.  I can turn it on from a stone cold-start, enter the BIOS to take my temp readings an them power it off.  I remove the heatsink and CPU and it is barely even warm.  In addition, the CPU fan revs up to full speed instantly upon a cold start, so it is not running hot.  It is reporting incorrectly.  Here is more info for your reading pleasure regarding this same issue all over the internet:
















                                    At this point I am leaning towards the CPU being a defective piece of crap, either through Intel's manufacturing or from something sort of mishandling.


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