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    No BIOS option for USB wake from S3 NUC6CAYH




      I use my NUC6CAYH as HTPC mounted behind my TV with the VESA mounting bracket.

      As expected the IR signal could not reach the NUC behind the TV.

      For that reason I use an external USB IR receiver (Microsoft MCE) to control the NUC.

      Everything woks fine exept wake from S3 state.

      Wake from S3 only works with the internal CIR receiver.

      But there is no BIOS option that other USB devices like my external IR receiver or keyboards can wake the NUC from S3.

      The only BIOS option for USB wake from S3 is for the internal CIR.

      If I disable the internal CIR in BIOS the wake from S3 options are completely gone.

      The same applies for USB Keybords, no wake from S3.

      Tested with front and back USB ports, and different USB power settings.


      Is it possible to add USB wake from S3 for USB devices?


      Before I got the NUC this worked with every HTPC i had in the last 13 Years.

      I was really surprised that it didin't work with the NUC.