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    R200 custom case


      Is there anything to be aware of (in terms of safety or otherwise) when removing the R200 from its case? I would like to create a case with a different form factor for my application. Is it ok for the lenses to be exposed or is the glass cover required? If it is required is there a recommended supplier of this type of glass?


      One of the main reasons for this case is to be able to move the usb port, since its default location adds a lot of length to the camera.

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          There is a reason why laser products have that "Do not remove the case" warning stickers on them.  I would imagine though that it would be fine to remove the board from the casing as long as you don't have it plugged into a PC at the time!  Especially as the R200 can be purchased as a case-less circuit board module for integration into products as well as the USB developer-kit version. 


          I have seen 'tear-down' articles that have taken the camera apart and closely analyzed its individual components, and I have not heard of harm coming to those investigators.  As an example, I recently found an interesting article on wiring hacks for the USB version of the R200.




          As for the glass cover ...looking at my own R200, I note that the camera lens is not covered by the glassy surface of the camera's casing front-piece.  Therefore it is likely to be aesthetic rather than functional. 

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            Could you use something like this?


            Intel® Aero Platform for UAVs Vision Accessory Kit