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    Don't ever buy a new intel cpu from "unofficial" ebay sellers !!!


      Good evening,


      i'm writing this post to help other people not experience the issue which i had recently !


      Before 8 months ago i bought a brand new cpu from ebay UK, unfortunately as you can imagine the cpu decided not to boot anymore. The cpu was bought not from one of the "official" intel retailers and after my several attempts to contact and try to find a solution with the intel UK service center i was told that i do not have the right for warranty because i did not provide a valid purchase order even after my cpu is in warranty and according to UK laws if I'm unable to contact the retailer the manufacturer should provide a working solution ! I tried to explain that the purchase order i have is from paypal is valid but then i was told that it was not bought from one of the "official" re sellers or retailers and the warranty is not transferable.  The things get even more interesting not only that my normal warranty is not accepted but also my extended warranty which i had purchased from Intel as well !


      Until now i have probably spend more than £8K on intel products and have thought that such a situation will never happen to me but i make sure it will not happen second time ! Please always buy products from the "official" retailers so you do not have to experience such an issues !