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    Intel i7-6770HQ and Remote Displays SDK


      Hi all,


      I'm running a demo lab for testing Citrix deployments and new version releases.

      A new feature I want to test is the Citrix protocol encoding feature with Intel Iris Pro.


      To be able to use this feature it has 2 requirements, being an Intel Broadwell processor or later (with Iris Pro) and the Remote Display SDK installed.

      I noticed that only a very limited of processors are supported with the Remote Display SDK.

      Installing Remote Display SDK on my test machine doesn't generate any error so apparently no check if performed but not sure if it will work even it's not supported.


      Anyone knows if more processors will be supported in the near feature?




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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi Chrisn888,

          Thank you for contacting Intel communities.

          I understand that the Intel® Remote Displays SDK is supported only for the Intel® Xeon® E3 family processor.
          I regret to inform you that your processor model has not been validated to work with the Intel® Remote Displays SDK, I would not guarantee full functionality, even if the software installs successfully.