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    SATA_Array_0000 ERROR on Raid 5 after BIOS Update




      A couple of days ago I had a problem with my new Ram so Gigabyte support told me to Update my BIOS without any warning or specification. So I did it. After that, when I turned on my computer my raid 5 dissappeared and I lost my entire life data. In the BIOS I've changed an option so now I can see the disks in the Intel Rapid software but as you can see in the picture, the raid 5 still not working. Is there anything I can do to restore the RAID 5? Because I am really really upset and afraid. I hope we can find a solution.




      My specs:


      Windows 7 64bits
      Gigabyte GA-x99-UD7 wifi
      I7-5820k 3,6ghz
      16 GSkill DDR4
      Raid 5 of 4 WD 4teras 7200Rpm


      Thank you very much for the help.