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    S2600CW slow BIOS POST


      I have a system based on an Intel S2600CW server board (2x Xeon E5-2699 v4, 160 GB memory). My problem is that it takes very long time to boot up. From the moment I press the power button, it's about 1 minute 50 seconds of blank screen to the point where it emits a series of beeps, then another 15 seconds until the appearance of first POST messages. No warnings or errors are reported. I am on the latest firmware (01.01.0020).
      I looked at POST progress code LEDs. If I'm reading them correctly, they go through a number of permutations, then pause approximately for a minute at 0x62 'DXE Setup Init', then switch for 15 seconds to 0x82 'DXE PCI Bus resource requested', until the beeps. Beeps themselves do not correspond to any sequence listed in the manual (the exact sequence varies slightly, but, for example, could be '2 short - pause - 3 short'.)
      Is that normal behavior and is there a way to get the system to boot in a more reasonable amount of time?

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          Hello Eugene_K,
          The time you describe for the boot up process is within the average for this board. Keep in mind that the booting up time is determined by several factors like the embedded devices contained in the board (Baseboard Management Controller, Management Engine), total amount of RAM, PCI devices attached. RAID cards are particularly slow to load due to their integrated processor, cache memory and HDD recognition process.
          Something else to consider is that server machines are made for different applications and it is not expected to reboot the server as often as we could do it with a desktop or laptop computer.
          If by the other hand you see any POST error messages please let us know.
          Hope this helps.
          Jose H.