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    Connmanctl Config File for Corporate or University Networks


      Hi, I just wanted to mention that the format of the config file given in the section for configuring Reference Linux for IoT to connect to Corporate or University networks seems to be missing a newline. The link is here: IoT - Connecting to Wi-Fi | Intel® Software


      I copied the example config file content which starts with "[global]Name = <name> ". When I pasted this as-is (substituting the bracketed values for my own) I got an "invalid arguments error". When I put a newline between the [global] and Name, things worked as expected.



      [global]Name = WorkWifi
      Description = Work WiFi


      root@intel-corei7-64:~# connmanctl connect wifi_00abcde12345_1234567890abcdef_managed_ieee8021x

      Error /net/connman/service/wifi_00abcde12345_1234567890abcdef_managed_ieee8021x: Invalid arguments



      Name = WorkWifi
      Description = Work WiFi

      Result: Connects to WiFi.