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    Intel RST released @ Lenovo!


      I just found the Intel RST v9.5.7.1002 drivers on Lenovo's support site for the new T410, T510 and W510 laptops



      Hoping these have TRIM support.

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          Thanks for this interesting information!

          Unfortunately the download link to the new RST driver doesn't work ("File not found!"). Either Lenovo is still uploading the drivers or they have published a wrong link.


          EDIT: It is the latter. You can get the 64bit RST driver v9.5.7.1002, if you take the Lenovo page link to the txt file and just replace the letters TXT by the letters EXE.

          Further informations:

          1. The driver is WHQL certified and dated 01/15/2010.

          2. According to the INF and OEM files the driver is usable with XP x64, Vista x64 and Win7 x64 and will support all Intel ICH7-10 and 5-series SATA AHCI and RAID Controllers (desktops and mobiles as well).

          2. Since a real installer is missing, users have to install it manually from within the Device Manager.




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            I'm also waiting for them to post the file. Very odd that I can't find any mention of this version anywhere else.

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              @ bradhs:


              Please look into my last post. I have edited the way to the correct download link.

              By the way: I have already installed this driver. No problem so far.




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                Funny, I was just about to post the same thing.. Here is the direct link to the 64bit version: http://download.lenovo.com/ibmdl/pub/pc/pccbbs/mobiles/6mio25ww.exe


                And the 32bit version is here: http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/document.do?sitestyle=lenovo&lndocid=MIGR-74431


                Message was edited by: bradhs -- Correct the 64 bit download link

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                  Okay, someone at Lenovo must have also fat-fingered the version # .... These drivers are v9.5.4.1001 not v9.5.7.1002.  The iaStor.sys file and the installer description both show No wonder my computer wont take them as I already have v9.5.6.1001 installed ..

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                    @ bradhs:


                    No, these are the brandnew RST drivers v9.5.7.1002 dated 15th January 2010.

                    This is what you have to do:

                    1. Run the exe file and "install" the driver. The package will just be extracted, nothing will be installed.

                    2. Look into the C:\DRIVERS directory of your OS partition.

                    3. Install the suitable 32/64bit driver manually from within the Device Manager.


                    Have fun!


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                      Got it! My ftp download link was wrong, I'm going to go back and edit my posts. thanks!

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                        Fernando, if I have a single SSD and using the latest RST driver, will it pass TRIM?



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                          AdiXPS schrieb:


                          Fernando, if I have a single SSD and using the latest RST driver, will it pass TRIM?

                          I don't know, but I doubt it. Unfortunately there is still no tool available, which is able to detect, if the Trim command is passed by the driver or not.

                          Nevertheless I am optimistic, that we will get an Intel RST driver in the very near future, which is able to support Trim automaticly when being used with Intel AHCI systems. Intel RAID users may have to wait for a new RST driver version and for an updated RAID ROM BIOS version.




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                            Installed from stationdrivers, and the stuttering during video playback issue has returned.  9.5.4 was fine, 9.5.6 and 9.5.7 stutter: running the DPC Latency Checker (dpclat) shows very high latency spikes every few seconds.  Might be occurring more after sleep/wake cycles.


                            Obligatory irrelevant system info: Core i7 965 Extreme at 4 GHz, 12 GB Corsair RAM, Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P with BIOS F10M, Windows 7 Home Premium.  RAID setup: two Corsair 64GB SSD's in a stripe, and four 1.5TB Seagate 7200.11 drives in a RAID-10....

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                              Interesting event which I haven't attributed directly to the drivers, but I suspect the were the cause.


                              a day or two ago I was just using a week old Vista SP2 installation which i just upgraded from standard microsoft ahci driver to the RST The system had minimal software installed (e.g. firefox, thunderbird, adobe, office) and i heard what sounded like the DVD drive intialising like it does when you turn on the computer (like it accesses the disk or something but there's no disk inside). Strange, but didn't think anything of it.


                              Later on in the evening (system had been turned off during this time), i booted back and was at the desktop when probably 5 or so minutes later, i heard this same noise again and then noticed the system slipped into an absolute crawl about 20 seconds later. It was like CPU was at 100% but it wasn't. Eventually, I had to hard reset because the system was quite unstable and not responding.


                              Figuring I might wait until RSTs become official, I've gone to the official IMSM driver for now, which gets decent performance, but so far, I haven't heard DVD drive initialise or had the system slow to a crawl.


                              (X25-V P45/ICH10R chipset, Vista SP2, AHCI mode, Pioneer DVR-215).

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                                That Intel RST 9.6.0 does support TRIM in passthough mode.  It is not supported on a RAID volume.