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    Ideas for screencasts or podcasts



      If a series of screencasts\podcasts were created on Intel vPro Expert Center - what would be most beneficial?  The idea is to capture a presentation, short demonstration, quick impromptu or staged interview with someone, etc.  These could be listed as resources on the site and allow comments\replies\questions to be posted and responded to.



      Some ideas:


      • vPro Activation presentation - In connection with Quick Start Guide, a presentation on what is needed to activate vPro systems in an enterprise.

      • Configuring TLS security for manageability - Steps to configure Microsoft CA in standalone or enterprise mode

      • Remote Configuration - there's a blog post.  Yet sometimes "seeing is believing"

      • Management console segments - a few examples of vPro use cases and they extend\enhance the existing capabilities within a management console


      Other ideas from the community? 



      BTW: If you already have a screencast\podcast - let us know.