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    Help, MCU script isn't running


      I am trying to implement the "Waking up the Host CPU Using the MCU" example here Using the MCU SDK and API: Code examples | Intel® Software


      I've managed to download the script onto the board, but when I enter the commands "cat /proc/interrupts | grep intel_psh_ipc" And "cat ttymcu0", I get "47:         27          0   IO-APIC-fasteoi   intel_psh_ip" AND "cat: ttymcu0: No such file or directory", which looks like the script isnt running because I'm not getting interupts.


      My best guess is that I need to load the script to mcu_fw_loader.sh, but after download is successful using the MCU SDK, I can't find any file matching what I named the project or any variant there of anywhere on the edison.


      The contents of my script are


      #include "mcu_api.h"

      #include "mcu_errno.h"



      void mcu_main()


          /* your configuration code starts here */


          while (1)       /* your loop code starts here */


              mcu_sleep(30000);   /* wake up CPU every 5 minutes */

              host_send((unsigned char*)"wake up!\n", 10);




      The contents of my loader file look like this:



      #author: JiuJin Hong (jiujinx.hong@intel.com)

      if [ ! -d "/sys/devices/platform/intel_mcu" ];then




      if [ ! -f "/lib/firmware/intel_mcu.bin" ];then




      echo "on" > /sys/devices/pci0000\:00/0000\:00\:17.0/power/control

      echo "load mcu app" > /sys/devices/platform/intel_mcu/control