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    NUC 6CAYH video on 1080p pixelized, Samsung TV and receiver


      I have bought intel NUC 6CAYH running Win10 Home and connected it to receiver Yamaha RXV-381, which is connected to TV Samsung UE40K5502.


      The image on TV is incorrectly sized (tv detects it as "custom") and pixelized - as if it is being compressed (mainly visible on pictures). When switching the resolution to lower, the pixelization and image size gets fixed. If opening visual bios, the image is also distorted and pixelized on tv.


      Connecting other computer to receiver works just fine, connecting the NUC directly to TV works fine, connecting receiver to another display (with NUC) works also fine, so it looks like it is combination of the 3 components that are not compatible.


      I have latest BIOS and drivers on the NUC. How can I get the TV and receiver and NUC to work properly together?