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    Case for dev kit?


      Is there a case available for the dev kit, even if a 3d printable one (that I can order online, I don't have a 3d printer)?  I would like to fly the dev kit on a drone, but protect it and keep it away from the power system of the drone.

      If not a case, can anyone suggest the best way of making one from easily available parts, or at least just protecting it and mounting it directly on a drone (flat surface)?


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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi fnoop,
          Thanks for your interest in the Intel® Joule™ Platform.

          This is a very interesting project! Unfortunately, there is no such case for the Intel® Joule™ Developer Kit, I would encourage you to design this case and share your results with the community.

          The best of luck on this project!

          Have a nice weekend!

          Best Regards,
          -Jose P.

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            I work at Intel, but I'm posting this as a enthusiast, not an employee.    The team created a low profile chassis and it can be found at the link below.  Check it out and see if it can meet your needed.  



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              Awesome!  Thanks so much, this is really great   I've emailed the STL files to a local 3d printer, will post pictures if it works out well.


              I have to say after coming from odroid/raspberry/etc platform for the past couple of (frustrating) years, I'm blown away by the power and quality of the Joule, and also the great opensource software support of the hardware and the community support from the community and intel employees, official or unofficial.  Thanks a lot for your efforts.

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                @platform_skater So I've printed the case and it's *nearly* perfect but not quite.  The top bit fits all the ports perfectly, but the bottom bit doesn't leave room for the rtc battery holder.  It doesn't look like scaling is a problem (ie it looks like the case is printed correctly) as if it weren't for the battery holder sticking out a bit the bottom half of the case fits perfectly.

                Has the dev kit board changed slightly since this case was designed?

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                  Hi Fnoop,  I printed it last fall and see that I had to grind out an opening as well.  I'll see if I can get the case updated for the coin cell battery.  Thanks.

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                    @platform_skater Thanks, if it's being updated it would be nice to have a push button above SW1 as well as SW2.