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    NUC BIOS keeping old boot device data

    brian lorelle

      This is the first time I've seen something like this, and it's really quite annoying.


      I have some Sandisk 32GB USB sticks onto which I've put an acronis restore image.


      It seems that for some reason, I can boot from these on a NUC5i5RYK on the first pass, but if I apply an image, and then attempt to boot from those same USB sticks again, the NUC boot menu just hangs onto the fact that a Sandisk USB was used to boot from at some point -- even if I plug in a USB from another vendor (in this case, ADATA). It always shows as SANDISK UEFI USB BOOTLOADER. When I select that, the screen flashes and passes me back to the BIOS boot menu. It never sees the name of the USB stick as ADATA after that Sandisk has been used to boot it.


      I have tried four USB sticks, all the same Sandisk stick design.


      I've heard of some issues here and there with USB 3 chipsets on USB sticks, but never seen something like this, and I've done this literally thousands of times on other systems/motherboards.


      This makes NO SENSE at all. The BIOS is up to date on this particular system, and I have not done  BIOS refresh, although I will try it. However, this is inane. If I boot from another NUC which hasn't been previously booted off that Sandisk USB, it will properly recognize the ADATA USB stick in boot menu and boot from it.


      So it seems to me that for some reason, these NUCs are holding onto information about the device they previously booted from and refusing to let go of it.


      This is possibly the most inane issue I've ever seen.

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