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    DP55KG MB (i7 CPU, Win10) won't power-up


      My DP55KG won't power on when front panel on switch on PC case is pressed.


      Replaced front panel on switch.

      Replaced MB battery.

      Still no power-on.

      Power via 24-pin and 8-pin power leads checks out ok (all voltages nominal) when tested.

      Green MB Standby Power LED (W in manual) flickers

      Shorting front-panel header pins on MB used to work intermittently. No longer works.

      Pressing the on-board power-on switch (V in manual diagram) doesn't work.

      Shorting pin 16 (Power-on signal to PSU) to Ground (pin 17) on 24-pin power plug when plugged into MB causes PSU to power-up HDDs and ODDs. Fans begin spinning (CPU fan powered by MB; other fans powered directly from PSU supply)

      I didn't leave the MB running long in this configuration because the red Processor LED lit immediately (P in manual).


      Any ideas what has failed on the MB? Is it repairable? If so, via what sort of repair centre?