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    Get a binned 7700k or wait for cannonlake?


      Hello fellas

      I have an option to either get a 7700k binned cpu, i'd easily get it to 5Ghz+ but i won't be able to upgrade again later on, for a couple of years due to budget.

      Or i could stay on my 3570 with h61 motherboard just another half an year or a bit more, and get the new cannonlake when they come out?

      Maybe someone from intel could also estimate how much more power will cannonlake have? beacause i've also heard that cannonlake's basic i7 would be starting from 6 cores or even 8 as the basic. (rumours again).

      Currently if i stay on 3570 and h61 motherboard, i'll have 8gb of 1600 ddr3 ram.

      if i move on to 7700k i'd get 3200 CL13 mem (with overclocking ofcourse).

      What do you think?

      Thanks ahead !