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    Mini Displayport on Intel Nuc only works after pluging out and in after boot


      I have an Intel NUC 5i7RYH connected to a Samsung 27" monitor using a Minidisplay-to-HDMI-cable (the mini HDMI of the NUC has fallen off somehow). When I boot the machine I have no display until I unplug the cable from the NUC and plug it in again.


      It is a workaround but not one I can instruct my wife and kids to use.


      I use Ubuntu 16.04 but I don't think it is Ubuntu. I have been testing with a laptop using the same cable. The laptop has a dual boot with both Ubuntu and Windows 10 and it works every time. So my best guess it is the NUC.


      Though with a cold boot I have no display at all, making a warm boot I have managed to get into the BIOS - which I have updated to the most recent version (036) - and set the primary display to the Mini Displayport. This still does not give me display at a cold boot.