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    Difference Between EDI2.LPON.AL.S and EDI2.SPON.AL.S - more detail on LPON module version


      Hey all,


      I have a follow-up question to this discussion: Intel edison compute module: difference between EDI2.LPON.AL.S and EDI2.SPON.AL.S?


      Thanks to Intel_Alvarado, the difference between the two Intel Edison modules "LPON" and "SPON" is clear:


      "The EDI2.LPON.AL.S is Low Power On-Board Antenna and the Edi2.SPON.AL.S is Standard Power On-Board Antenna. The EDI2.LPON.AL.S is targeted for wearables where the Wi-Fi power is stepped down to avoid heat."


      I'm wondering exactly how the LPON version accomplishes this, and what the effects of "stepped down" WiFi power are. I've done a little investigating, and it appears that the LPON version pulls ~4mA less current than the SPON version when on and idling, powered by a 3.7V lithium battery.


      My three main questions here:

      1. What is the actual difference in WiFi power? When running iwconfig on both SPON and LPON, I get TX-Power=31 dBm. I'm not sure where the power difference appears if it's not here.
      2. Does the LPON version have a shorter transmission range than the SPON version?
      3. Are the WiFi power settings configurable? Is there any way to boost the LPON power settings to mimic that of the SPON if the LPON proves to provide insufficient WiFi power?


      Thank you!