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    DH87RL switches on and off all the time




      I'm using a PC with a DH87RL-Mainboard since ~3 years.

      It worked until yesterday... now I have a problem:

      When I connect the PC to mains, the Mainboard switches the computer on, it stays 10 Seconds on (no Video till then) and it turns itself off again (AC-Power-Loss-Restart is enabled in CMOS-Setup).

      It stays 4 seconds off, then the process starts from the beginning (10 Seconds on).


      I've tried already disconnecting all SATA-Devices and the Memory. When booting without memory installed the computer beeps (3 beeps, pause).
      I have no additional video card installed - I'm using the on board video.

      I've tried also to connect another fan to the CPU fan connector, if the fan speed signal is the problem - with no effect.


      When the computer turns off (for the 4 seconds mentioned above) the "Power Fault LED" on the Mainboard does blink two times green until the computer starts again.


      My computer consists of the following components (no change in the last few months):

      - Intel i5 4570

      - Kingston KVR16N11S8K2/8

      - be Quiet 300W Power supply

      - Samsung SSD, Hitachi HDD, TEAC DVD-RW


      Someone with any hints for me?

      Thanks in advance.