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    Usb 3.0 micro B connector broke on Up Board


      With very little effort, this usb port broke going to the realsense R200 camera. This is a pain since the realsense seems to only work over usb 3.0 and the other ports on our UP Board are only 2.0.

      This is the UP Board we are using with our R200 Camera: UP board 4GB RAM+ 32 GB eMMC ( Cooler) - UP Board


      I have reached out to support for warrenty and replacement information, but in the event this doesn't work I have two questions.


      1. Is there any way we can set the R200 camera to fully work in the usb 2.0 ports?


      2. Don't want to attempt this, but is soldering the port back on even possible? It seems like there are surface mounts connecting it to the main board. I assume there would be far more issues with the port snapping off anyway.


      Any other help would be appreciated as well.

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          I'm very sorry to hear about your broken port.  In answer to your questions:


          1.  The RealSense cameras require a USB 3.0 port.  There is no way to make them function in a USB 2.0 port.


          2.  The RealSense cameras are very sensitive to the state of the USB port.  I am very sure that even if you could solder the ports, there would be some problems with the camera's functionality.


          A replacement under warranty is indeed your best and only option..

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            Intel Corporation
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            Hi Logan,
            Thanks for contacting us!
            We’re sorry to hear that, and as MartyG has mentioned, the RealSense R200 camera requires a USB3.0 and soldering the port could be problematic for the camera’s functionality. So, we highly recommend you to contact click.intel.com (Click Support) in order to ask for the replacement.
            Hope this information helps, also, if you have any other questions, please let us know.
            -Yermi A.