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    Intel graphic Driver optimal resolution issue game crashes


      Hi Everyone,

      I recently brought lenovo s410p laptop with 2 gb nvidia 720m.. 


      I am a cs lover , i install cs and when i open it the intel graphic pop ups and noted "THIS IS NOT THE OPTIMAL SCREEN RESOLUTION FOR THE PRIMARY DISPLAY. THE OPTIMAL RESOLUTION IS 1366x786. SELECT THIS NOTIFICATION FOR MORE INFORMATION"

      after that the game crashes .. i try many things including changing resolutions 1024x786 and scale it but nothing works and i m unable to play i also downloaded nvidia instructor but nothing happen .. even i try many things that i found from google and bing but i m still unable to play ..


      any solution to get rid of it ? or to disable optimal resolution setting from intel graphics driver? i already try to open the game with nvidia high performance but still intel driver notify me this error and game closed !


      I m using windows 8.1 .