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    Copying image from one Edison to another




      I'm trying to help a friend who is doing a project with edison. He wrote some SW on one edison (controling a camera, etc) and now he is trying to duplicate it to another one.

      I thought we could simply copy the entire contents of the edison, from the original board to another, instead of re-building the entire project (we are not sure we remember everything we modified on the way).

      So we took the working edison, which is perfectly alright, and we 'dd' everything from memblk0 to an SD card. dd is supposed to be a very straight forward copy (right?). Then we replaced the edison with the new one, and now we dd from the SD card to that edison. Unfortunately, it didnt work. After power up of the new edison,  the linux is giving us some errors while loading and there is no functioning terminal.
      We sort of suspect that we might exceeded the partition size, but I'm really not sure how to verify this, or to modify the partition, if necessary. The original edison is working without any problem at all.


      How could I check if this is a partitioning problem?

      Is there a way to verify the dd?

      Can I compare the two edisons, somehow to see that the process of copying was ok?