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    BSOD on GMA HD(updated)


      help when i play games like Left4Dead, i can play it for about an hour but when things getting longer soon, I will get a BSOD i dunno what to do but all my settings are LOW and 1024x768 resolution. The gameplay is smooth but in the longer run it will get BSOD. ive BSOD 11x already


      proc:intel core i3 530

      mobo: intel dh55tc

      ram: 2gb kingston ddr3

      os:windows xp sp2



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          What graphics driver version are you using? Are you over clocking at all?

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            my driver version is that is the version for windows xp that came from CD. i tried already the auto-update center here, but the info says it is for vista/7 64bit so i can't update at all. and besides i haven't overclock anything.

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              now iv'e used the search/download center instead of driver update utility,


              I updated my current Graphics version to and then

              my BIOS ver. to the latest version TCIBX10H.86A.0028.2009.1201.1520


              the scenario doesn't cure anything at all, when playing Left4Dead the same result after an hour or less but it won't show BSOD anymore instead my Computer will Hang and really need to reset it.


              GMA HD Graphics properties:

              3D: Global Settings = balanced

              Power: Balanced

              Resolution: 1024x768 @ 75hz


              Left4Dead settings:

              aspect ratio: normal(4:3)

              Resolution: 1024x768 full screen

              VSYNC off

              no AA

              trilinear filtering

              multicore enabled

              LOW shader detail

              LOW texture detail

              LOW effect detail

              HIGH page pool memory