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    RealSense 2014 SDK manuals and script samples


      Hi everyone,


      Given the increased increase in using the 2014 RealSense SDK these days for purposes such as using the Faceshift software (which doesn't work with the modern SDK), I dug out my archive of offline 2014 SDK PDF manuals.  These contain numerous sample scripts for RealSense functions that may not now be available elsewhere.


      The scripts were written for the original F200 camera model but may work in the modern SDKs with other camera models as "common" samples, or with small adaptations to take account of changes in SDK instructions in the subsequent years since.


      I have attached the manual archive to this post as a zipped folder.


      Some other interesting historical articles in my archive were:


      - Controlling a self-driving Lego car with RealSense (robotics)




      - An Intel® RealSense Technology–Driven First-Person Controller in Unity 3D