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    Strange 4790k temps PLEASE HELP


      Hi All,

      I have had a 4790k for a little over a year now and only recently have been doing research on my temps. I never did stress testing until recently when I upgraded from a dual fan hyper 212 evo setup to a push pull H110i V1 AIO. Even though I am running the MSI oc genie, which basically locks cpu frequency at turbo (4.4ghz), while running prime95 with the AIO I get 75-80C temps(with unbearably loud fan curve). While running air i would get to 95C and it would throttle (I would basically immediately stop it). I know quite a it about PC's and PC building and have a clean setup with great airflow. I have good thermal paste and yes, both coolers were seated properly. I know that these processors get hot, but this is INSANE. Everything that would normally go wrong to cause high temps are not an issue here like broken pump etc. The only thing I can think to be bad is my cpu. Any help/advice would be much appreciated!!!!!!!! I am a student with not enough money to buy another CPU and I would love to OC but its unrealistic. My brother who has years of experience tried and couldnt do anything because he would have had to turn the voltage to unsafe levels. I see other people overclocking to or above 4.5 on air, and with a new liquid cooler I should be able to do SOMETHING.



      16gb Crucial 1866

      MSI z97 Gaming 5

      Thermaltake V51

      4 case fans, 3 cpu (2 push one pull b/c i dont have room for a fourth)

      r9 290

      750W EVGA PSU