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    Media Accelerator HD output to TV (No HDMI)


      Hi all! Just purchased an Acer AS5740-5780 which runs the Intel i3 processor (Windows 7  HP OS), 4GB RAM, and has the Intel Media Accelerator HD graphics card. The Acer has an HDMI output, and VGA. My current TV is only 2 years old, but I don't have an HDMI input, only RCA or S-Video.


      I've read for hours on some possible solutions to connect my new laptop to my TV (primarily to watch streaming Netflix movies), but there seems to be some disagreement. Some say a cable, some say a convertor is needed, some say the cable will work only if the graphica card is capable and already set up for "TV out."


      Any ideas on which is correct, and the most cost-effective way to connect these two would be greatly appreciated.