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    RealSense and the Intel Responsive Retail Platform


      Over the next five years, Intel will be investing $100 million in retail technology.  One way it is doing so is through its new Responsive Retail Platform.  At the NRF retail conference in January, Intel CEO Brian Brian Krzanich presented a 51 minute keynote that included a demonstration of Tally, a mobile robot that incorporates RealSense cameras in combination with Lidar sensors.


      The entire presentation is fascinating, especially for myself - one of my early jobs was working for three years in all front-facing and back-office / warehouse areas of a branch of the UK's leading supermarket chain, getting an understanding of how each aspect of the store operation ties together.


      For the Tally part of the presentation, go to the 25 minute point in the video.


      Driving Retail Transformation - YouTube


      Tally's software is heavily based on open-source applications including the Robot Operating System (ROS) and OpenCV.


      You can find more information about Intel's retail plans here.


      NRF 2017: Intel Seamlessly Ties Retail to the Latest Technology | Intel Newsroom