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    Reconfiguring Interface Signals as GPIO




      Section 12.2 of the Joule module datasheet states "Many interface lines on the module can be reconfigured as GPIO lines by defining a configuration table stored within an


      EEPROM device on the expansion board."  I plan on doing this since I need more GPIO than the dedicated 8 that are offered.  I am not using several of the interfaces offered by the Joule (I2S, PWM, etc...) and would like to re-purpose them to GPIO for my application.


      Where can I find the list of interface signals that I can re-configure as GPIO?  I see the Linux GPIO function map in section 12.4 but wasn't sure if all of these interfaces were able to be re-configured?



      Also, section 2.2 of the datasheet in the GPIO section mentions that the tool needed to re-map interfaces to GPIO is pending.  Has this tool since been released and if not, what is the expected release date?