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    nuc6i7kyk: disable speedstep


      I am looking for hopefully a straight-forward answer to this.

      For the Intel NUC we bought: nuc6i7kyk


      we want to disable Intel Speedstep but this is not clear how to do.

      Turboboost off does not imply Speedstep off.


      Bottom line is we have performance issues with our PCI device via Thunderbolt

      and expansion chassis from Sonnet Tech but only when going at slower rates.


      Have played around with power settings in bios and Windows 10 as well and no luck.


      Our devices have historically had issues with Speedstep enabled.

      CPUZ does not report much difference between high and slow data rate

      but the clock is still changing.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello :

          In regard to your inquiry, the option to disable speed step on the BIOS is under the tab that says “power”, then look for “enhanced Intel® speed step® technology” .


          Now, remember that the performance depending on the expansion devices being used might not be as expected, some of them are not fully compatible or they might not work at all, this is just to let you know in the case the problem remains even after disabling speed step. Please make sure the drivers are properly installed and up to date.

          Here is the link where you will find all the drivers for the NUC:


          Any further questions, please let us know.